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At our company, we believe the best startups have the best talent. We are always on the lookout for candidates that have a track record of success in their field and can bring unique value and insights to an organization.

We maintain a high bar by focusing on AI industry experience, top technology companies, VC-backed startups, top schools and graduate programs. Our candidate network is extensive, with real conversations and tens of thousands of highly qualified individuals. This ensures access to top-tier talent for our clients. Contact us to build a team that can take your startup to the next level.

We work with almost 100 startups using AI from seed to late stage funding with talent from
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Tap into Elite Talent from World-Class Tech Companies

Attract unparalleled expertise for your business with our premium candidate pool, featuring exceptional talent from the world's leading tech giants. Our candidates have honed their skills at Meta, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Uber, Stripe, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snap, and many other top-tier companies renowned for their rigorous talent bar.

By choosing from this elite group, you ensure your organization benefits from the experience and innovation synonymous with these trailblazing firms.

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From Tech Giants to Pioneering Startups & Elite Academia

Our candidate pool presents an invaluable resource for organizations seeking expertise in the AI industry. We offer candidates with hands-on experience at AI-focused companies, ranging from major tech giants to VC-backed startups at all funding stages.

Our pool includes employees from AI industry leaders and those working in dedicated AI and machine learning teams at big tech firms. Additionally, we connect with exceptional universities, featuring graduate programs and research labs at the forefront of AI innovation.

Directly connect with exceptional pedigree

Handpicked Talent from Renowned Universities

Our candidate pool features exceptional individuals with degrees from prestigious universities known for their outstanding contributions to AI, Robotics, and business.

Our selection includes top talent from MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Caltech, Princeton, WPI, and other distinguished institutions, as well as top MBA graduates from Booth, Wharton, Kellogg, Stanford, Harvard, Sloan, Yale, Haas, Tuck, and other elite programs.

We also showcase talent from universities with cutting-edge research labs led by world-class professors.

Startup Domain Experience

Exceptional Candidates from VC-Backed Startups

Our candidate pool encompasses top talent from VC-backed startups, ranging from Seed to IPO Unicorns.

We carefully select candidates who thrive in the dynamic startup environment and exhibit unwavering passion for their ventures. These individuals boast a proven track record of success and are laser-focused on delivering value at every stage of a startup's journey.

Our candidates bring invaluable insights based on their diverse experiences in scaling, overcoming unique challenges, driving rapid growth, and navigating various startup scenarios.

AITA will help build the teams you need for your AI company

A Stellar Track Record of Successful Hires

We hire top talent fast for all seniority levels at AI companies of all sizes - ranging from Venture Backed Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Companies.

"AITA's impressive materials informed me about the company's vision, leading to productive team discussions during the interview process. I was so impressed that I used their services to hire Senior Product Managers."
Chief Product Officer, Series B
Hired  in 3 Weeks
"AITA provided valuable insights on the AI industry and latest opportunities. Thanks to their engaging emails, I landed an executive role where my experience can add incredible value to the team."
Head of ML, Series C
Hired  in 4 Weeks
"AITA's company profiles provided valuable insight. Their understanding of each company's culture, values, and growth plans gave me confidence in my decision. I found the perfect AI startup to grow my career with."
Lead CV Engineer, Series B
Hired in 2 Weeks
"AITA's company profiles provided in-depth insights on culture, values, and growth plans. Thanks to their help, I confidently chose the perfect AI startup to grow my career even when I had multiple offers on the table."
Senior Software Engineer, Seed
Hired  in 2 Weeks
Customer Testimonials

Trusted for faster and easier hiring

AITA is recommended as one of the best staffing agencies to build teams for your AI companies by CEOs, VCs, and Talent Aquisition Leaders across the US

VP of Engineering, Series A
Hired a Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"We are very pleased that we hired a top-notch Senior ML Engineer in only 3 weeks of working together. They exceeded our expectations and have done substantially better than the other recruiting agencies we were working with."
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VP of Engineering, Series B
Hired 4 ML and Data Science Engineers

“AITA was referred to us by our investors, and we're so glad we tried them out. They only send us qualified AI candidates, of which, we chose over 70% to interview. Having used them for 1 year now, we have hired 4 AI engineers and hopefully 5 soon.”
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Director of Talent Acquisition, Series D
Multiple Engineer Placements

"Finding high-caliber deep learning talent has been a huge challenge. AITA has been a pleasure to work with, we're very satisfied with the engineers they helped us hire. Highly recommend them and we will continue to partner with them".
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Co-Founder, Seed
Hired a Head of Machine Learning

"The team at AITA spent the time really understanding my machine learning role and requirements. We hired a hard to fill Head of ML through them, and we strongly recommend other companies work with them on their AI roles"
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