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Launch your AI startup with top leadership through our expert recruiting services, specializing in the AI sector. Our extensive network sources talent from top tech companies, VC-backed startups, and universities.

We provide a quick turnaround and deliver a high quantity of qualified candidates for most departments. Let us help you succeed in the competitive AI startup space.

We work with almost 100 startups using AI from seed to late stage funding with talent from
Incredibly Talented Executives

Executive Talent Across 5 Departments

We know that hiring the right executives and leaders is key to the success of any company. That's why we have high standards when it comes to finding top-level talent. We look for people who have experience in AI, have worked for leading technology companies or VC-backed startups, and who have attended top schools and graduate programs.

We have a huge network of highly qualified candidates, and we take the time to speak with each one of them in real conversations. What sets our executive candidates apart is their passion for disrupting the world using AI. Each of them is interested in using their skills and expertise to make a difference in this field.

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Quantity and Quality Delivered

100's of Qualified Interested Exectuive Candidates

We handle the heavy lifting of 1000's of responses and 100’s of resumes for interested executives. From there, we screen candidates and only send the best candidates that fit your company’s specific requirements and high-bar.

Interview 7 out of 10 executives submitted
Reduce your time reviewing 100's of unqualified resumes
Fill your interview schedule with 10's of High Quality candidates in 1 week
Incredibly fast time-to-hire

Hire an Executive in under 1 month.

We compress months of executive candidate outreach into 2 weeks to speed up your executive search.  We reach out to 80% of the relevant candidate pool for each of your roles.

We understand which details make the top talent open, reply, and apply to your roles. You will be represented by a executive-trusted recruiting company where candidates are excited to see our new roles..

100's of candidate conversations about your roles in 48-72 hours
Data driven campaigns built on 100,000's of candidate emails sent
High Engagement - 80% open 20-40% reply  10%- 20% interested
More Offers Accepted

Seal the deal with your top choice executive candidate

We know that finding the right executive candidate is only half the battle. Our recruiting firm optimizes candidate marketing and creates compelling materials to increase your offer acceptance rate.

With 100,000's of conversations under our belt, we tailor our approach to meet candidates' needs while highlighting your unique selling points. Let us help you create a compelling story that resonates with top talent, so your first offer is the one that gets accepted.

Our hires love us and their new roles

A Stellar Track Record of Successful Executive Hires

We hire executives fast for all AI companies of all sizes - ranging from Venture Backed Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Companies.

"Thanks to AITA's analysis of the startup's culture, values, and growth plans, I found my perfect AI startup, asked the right questions during interviews, and made an informed decision. Highly recommend to any exec seeking career growth."
Head of Growth, Series B
Hired in 4 weeks
"AITA's recruiting emails provided valuable insights into the AI industry, industry trends, funding, and use cases. Thanks to AITA, I successfully landed my next executive role, a new challenge that my experience over the past 3 years could add incredible value to their team."
Chief Product Officer, Series B
Hired in 5 weeks
"I've been getting emails from this recruitment agency for years, & I'm consistently amazed by the startups & roles they share. They excel at finding top opportunities worth considering. I joined a high-growth startup client of theirs that matched trends I'd observed in my sector."
CTO, Series A
Hired in 4 Weeks
"I'm consistently impressed by the quality of startups and roles from this recruiting agency. Their keen eye finds the best opportunities worth considering. I joined a high growth startup they presented, which perfectly aligned with my sector's trends."
Director of Biz Ops, Series B
Hired  in 5 Weeks
Customer Testimonials

Trusted for faster and easier hiring

AITA is recommended as one of the best staffing agencies to build teams for your AI companies by CEOs, VCs, and Talent Aquisition Leaders across the US

VP of Engineering, Series A
Hired a Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"We are very pleased that we hired a top-notch Senior ML Engineer in only 3 weeks of working together. They exceeded our expectations and have done substantially better than the other recruiting agencies we were working with."
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VP of Engineering, Series B
Hired 4 ML and Data Science Engineers

“AITA was referred to us by our investors, and we're so glad we tried them out. They only send us qualified AI candidates, of which, we chose over 70% to interview. Having used them for 1 year now, we have hired 4 AI engineers and hopefully 5 soon.”
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Director of Talent Acquisition, Series D
Multiple Engineer Placements

"Finding high-caliber deep learning talent has been a huge challenge. AITA has been a pleasure to work with, we're very satisfied with the engineers they helped us hire. Highly recommend them and we will continue to partner with them".
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Co-Founder, Seed
Hired a Head of Machine Learning

"The team at AITA spent the time really understanding my machine learning role and requirements. We hired a hard to fill Head of ML through them, and we strongly recommend other companies work with them on their AI roles"
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During this call we will gather every important and exciting detail about your company and role in order to maximize our interests rates and maximize your interview rate.
3. Relax, while we send you the best Candidates
Get the top talent from the best companies. Now you only have choose the ones that best fit your company to get them started on hitting your critical milestones.
4. Fully booked quality interview schedule
Prepare your interviewers schedules for high volume interviewing. It's not uncommon for our clients to have so many interviews -- it's a great problem to have. We will assist with scheduling coordination and keeping candidates excited and interested about your company and role throughout the process.
5. Only hire the ones you want
Prepare to make exceptional hires as fast as your interview process can move. Be ready to hire more top talent than you originally planned.