AI Industry Experts who are also recruiters

Ongoing Research on 3000+ AI VC-backed Startups in the US.

As AI Industry expert recruiters, we can provide a competitive edge to your AI startup by offering hyper fast recruiting, higher quality candidates and real-time competitive insights that inform your business strategy and headcount planning.

With deep and long-standing relationships with top talent, we not only understand trends in team compositions, hiring, and company performance but also have the ability to improve your employer brand and make your recruiting processes faster and stand out from the competition.

We work with almost 100 startups using AI from seed to late stage funding with talent from
Better Quality Candidates than Traditional Recruiting

Higher Quality Candidates

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver top-quality candidates. We already know what type of candidates you are looking for and have access to a pre-vetted pool of high-quality talent that fits your needs.

By tracking team composition trends and departmental growth across the industry, we stay up-to-date on which skills and experiences are in demand and can use this to anticpate hiring needs at any stage of startup.

We also keep tabs on which companies are working on specific projects or with certain technologies. Our approach leverages our knowledge of all of the employees and the companies building this industry.

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Longer Term Candidate Relationships

Attract More of the AI Top Talent

Our extensive industry expertise enables us to deliver a high quantity of exceptional candidates for your organization. We draw on our knowledge of various employee profiles to source talent from other industries who possess valuable skills and experiences that add value to your industry.

Additionally, our extensive network of current and former employees within your industry enables us to connect with top talent and stay up-to-date on industry trends. We have been building these relationships since the industry was in its infancy, giving us a deep understanding of what motivates candidates to apply for our roles. With this knowledge and expertise, we're able to attract and deliver a large volume of highly qualified candidates to meet your organization's hiring needs.

Incredibly fast time-to-hire

Your Roles are Filled Faster

Our industry expertise enables us to quickly deliver interested candidates who are ready to make a move or possess relevant experience. Our high-converting outreach campaigns attract a large number of candidates in a short time, and our longstanding relationships make them more responsive.

With our industry insights, we build trust with candidates who value our advice and are more open to explore the job opportunities we represent. When we combine all of this with our massive reach and high volume outreach, we are able to make hires very quickly.

More Offers Accepted

Maximize your offer acceptance rates with our industry expertise

Our industry expertise allows us to help our clients secure more signed offers. We assist our clients in shipping competitive offers to candidates, ensuring that their compensation packages are both fair and competitive.

Furthermore, we educate candidates on what a competitive offer in the industry looks like, setting realistic expectations for them. Leveraging our industry expertise, we position our clients to stand out from their competitors and become a compelling opportunity.

We also highlight the unique selling points of each opportunity, giving candidates a clear picture of what makes each offer attractive. With our strategic approach and industry knowledge, we help our clients close deals and attract top talent to their organization.

Our hires love us and their new roles

A Stellar Track Record of Successful Hires

We hire top talent fast for all seniority levels at AI companies of all sizes - ranging from Venture Backed Startups, Small Businesses, and Large Companies.

"AITA's impressive materials informed me about the company's vision, leading to productive team discussions during the interview process. I was so impressed that I used their services to hire Senior Product Managers."
Chief Product Officer, Series B
Hired in 3 Weeks
"AITA provided valuable insights on the AI industry and latest opportunities. Thanks to their engaging emails, I landed an executive role where my experience can add incredible value to the team."
Head of ML, Series C
Hired in 4 Weeks
"AITA's company profiles provided valuable insight. Their understanding of each company's culture, values, and growth plans gave me confidence in my decision. I found the perfect AI startup to grow my career with."
Lead CV Engineer, Series B
Hired in 2 Weeks
AITA's company profiles provided in-depth insights on culture, values, and growth plans. Thanks to their help, I confidently chose the perfect AI startup to grow my career even when I had multiple offers on the table.
Senior Software Engineer, Seed
Hired  in 2 Weeks
Customer Testimonials

Trusted for faster and easier hiring

AITA is recommended as one of the best staffing agencies to build teams for your AI companies by CEOs, VCs, and Talent Aquisition Leaders across the US

VP of Engineering, Series A
Hired a Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"We are very pleased that we hired a top-notch Senior ML Engineer in only 3 weeks of working together. They exceeded our expectations and have done substantially better than the other recruiting agencies we were working with."
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VP of Engineering, Series B
Hired 4 ML and Data Science Engineers

“AITA was referred to us by our investors, and we're so glad we tried them out. They only send us qualified AI candidates, of which, we chose over 70% to interview. Having used them for 1 year now, we have hired 4 AI engineers and hopefully 5 soon.”
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Director of Talent Acquisition, Series D
Multiple Engineer Placements

"Finding high-caliber deep learning talent has been a huge challenge. AITA has been a pleasure to work with, we're very satisfied with the engineers they helped us hire. Highly recommend them and we will continue to partner with them".
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Co-Founder, Seed
Hired a Head of Machine Learning

"The team at AITA spent the time really understanding my machine learning role and requirements. We hired a hard to fill Head of ML through them, and we strongly recommend other companies work with them on their AI roles"
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We will review your company, current team, and role and get back to you within 24 hours with a specific proposal about recruiting for those specific roles. If we need additional information to optimize recruiting for your roles, we will ask about it over email or request a call.
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During this call we will gather every important and exciting detail about your company and role in order to maximize our interests rates and maximize your interview rate.
3. Relax, while we send you the best Candidates
Get the top talent from the best companies. Now you only have choose the ones that best fit your company to get them started on hitting your critical milestones.
4. Fully booked quality interview schedule
Prepare your interviewers schedules for high volume interviewing. It's not uncommon for our clients to have so many interviews -- it's a great problem to have. We will assist with scheduling coordination and keeping candidates excited and interested about your company and role throughout the process.
5. Only hire the ones you want
Prepare to make exceptional hires as fast as your interview process can move. Be ready to hire more top talent than you originally planned.