Growing an AI and Robotics Team

Publicly Traded
AI-First Company
Exceptional Results in 2 Weeks.

Ambitious AI company solving critical problems in the agriculture industry. After going public in 2020, they are doubling their headcount. We were tasked on scaling their AI and robotics team. After exceptional results in 2 weeks, they wanted us to handle all engineering roles.

See the Success of their First 14 Days
Exceptional Results within the First Two Weeks

Improving the Hiring Pipeline with Over 4x the Results in Half the Time

Before working with AITA

Extremely difficult to attract critical AI/ML Hires at Senior+ Levels
Low candidate pipeline (only 9 in one month)
Unqualified applicants
50+ hrs/week wasted screening and sourcing uninterested or unqualified
Did not know where to find AI candidates with specific experience
Did not know AI engineering compensation levels, target companies, and AI engineering hiring best practices
Understaffed and overworked internal recruiting team
“Our AI engineering team has never seen this volume of high caliber candidates before.”
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Publicly-Traded AI Company

After 2 Weeks with AITA

1433 qualified senior level AI engineers contacted
41 Exceptional Candidates Submitted
1046 Opens for Outreach Emails
(73% Open Rate)
301 Responses from AI / ML Engineers
(21% Response Rate)
158 Interested from just outreach
(11% Interest Rate)
Screen / Submit only the top 10-20%
(30 Exceptional Candidates including FAANG)
21 Interviews scheduled
Company wants AITA to handle all engineering roles
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Profile of our Client

Client's Hiring Plan

As a recently publicly traded AI company, they are looking to double their team of 5 AI engineers by the end of the year with a focus on staffing senior level talent -- not entry or mid-level.

Went public Early 2020.
Current Company Size: 180 Employees
Current AI Team: 5 Engineers ranging from Director of AI to Robotics Perception Leads
Objective: Hire Principal ML Engineers, Principal Computer Vision Engineers, and Senior Data Scientists.
Timeline on our Exceptional Results

“We’re more than just recruiters. We revive and improve on the whole hiring process.”

Mark, CEO at Artificial Intelligence Talent Agency
Day 0 - Initial Onboarding Call
We discovered AI engineering hiring challenges, hiring ops improvements, and profiles for AI roles. We kicked-off outreach to our massive AI candidate network within 24 hours.
Day 2 - Hiring Pipeline grew from 9 to 20 Candidates
After 48 hours, we grew their pipeline with 11 exceptional candidates. Our client, started scheduling out interviews with the new candidates. They chose to interview 7 out of 11.
Day 5 - Pipeline grew to 25 Candidates and 6 Booked Technical Interviews
By the 5th day, 6 Technical interviews were booked and we added 5 more exceptional candidates. We received 48 people who were interested and we submitted the top 5 candidates.
Day 12 - Pipeline grew to 39 and 10+ booked technical interviews
The pipeline grew to 39. We submitted 30 exceptional candidates at this point. AI team continues to move candidates through the process -- everyone's happy and getting excited.
Day 14 - Pipeline grew to 50 with 12 new pending interviews to schedule
We submitted 40 candidates and they can no longer keep up with booking interviews -- a good problem to have. Excitedly, they requested us to work on all of their engineering roles.
A Few Profiles of our Top candidates at the Principal Level

Production-Grade, Top Companies, Perfect-Fit Expertise, Passionate about Company Mission

MS with 5+ years of industry experience across computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.

Strong current tenure
(4 years FAANG)
Senior ML Engineer, MIcrosoft
PhD in computer science, robotics vision thesis.

10+ Years of Industry experience with computer vision and machine learning.

Strong current tenure
(5 years FAANG)
Senior Computer Vision Engineer, Amazon Robotics
MS with 8 years of industry experience across ML, Perception, and Autonomous Vehicles.

Currently leads ML team at a successful competitor
Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Series B $120 Autonomous Vehicle Company
MS with 7+ years of industry experience across software engineering and ML.

Exceptional history of tenure and promotions at top companies now known for their Machine Learning Operations.

Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Unity Technologies

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